About Us

Fast Slice is a digital art and entertainment company started by a group of DMV locals who wanted to share our passion for culinary and visual arts. The three of us sat down on one of those absolutely frigid evenings, when there is not much better to do then sit inside, smoke pot, and talk to each other back in October of 2019.  As the cannabinoids connected with the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in our brains, the ideas started flying.  As we sat there, it hit us, we thought amongst ourselves “Damn, I really don’t have any artwork that expresses my love for both pizza AND seshing with the homies.”  If we can just connect really good people with really good curated art, we would be in business.

And thus, Fast Slice was born.

We worked tirelessly to assemble a collection of art that we felt proud to share with our DC people and an assortment of gifts to enhance every sensory experience.

We pride ourselves on being good people, standing behind our products, and making people happy! We hope you have an awesome experience and an incredible day. Our slices are great!