How to Get Weed in DC

How to Get Weed in DC

In DC, it can be difficult to get your hands on weed. With the laws regulating marijuana so strict, finding high-quality products can be a hassle.

However, with a little knowledge, it is possible to acquire in the district legally. Initiative-71, passed in 2014, legalized cannabis in DC, but it did not allow a path forward for recreational sales. Despite this, Savvy business owners have come up with a solution to get cannabis into their customers hands. They will sell a legal good and offer a gift of cannabis alongside their purchase as a marketing incentive. Many of these shops and delivery services are offered all over the city, allowing easy access to many cannabis products that may otherwise not be available.


When it comes to acquiring weed in DC, there are plenty of options. From high-end boutiques to hipster coffee joints, there are many places where you can purchase cannabis.

The best places to get weed in DC are typically gifting stores or delivery services. Both of these types of shops can offer you high-quality marijuana and safe service.

A great place to start your hunt for a shop is Adams Morgan, where you’ll find trendy coffee joints and independent retail shops. There are several I-71 shops in this area if you’re looking for an in-store experience.

Other locations that are flush with stores in the district include the U Street corridor, H Street NE, and Georgetown. Wherever you are in the city, a gifting store is most likely not too far.


Another option for acquiring cannabis in the city are meetups.

Some weed delivery companies offer a pick-up service, which allows you to order your weed online and schedule a time to meet up at a specific location to receive it. This an be an especially convenient option for people who aren’t able to visit the dispensary or delivery service due to their busy schedules.

The places vary from the front of another business to a curbside location anywhere in the city, but this is the easiest option if you need to be in and out and don’t want to be bothered finding parking in a busy city. People are able to pull their car up to a curbside location, and within minutes someone from the company will be by to serve them their order.


On the other hand, many individuals opt for a safe and convenient way to buy weed in DC, by using delivery services. These companies are either independent services, or connected to local dispensaries deliver the same quality products as you would get if you visited them in person.

The best weed delivery services will offer a wide range of options and allow you to customize your order. In addition, they offer great customer service and a fast turnaround time.

Delivery is perfect for consumers who are looking for the product to come to them on their time. Most companies allow you to schedule a time slot so that you can receive cannabis in the comfort of your own home (or hotel, AirBNB, etc.).

Other Services

While the above services are the most common ways to acquire cannabis in DC, other options do exist. Some companies have created a more niche service to get cannabis into the hands of their customers.

These include cannabis tours, painting and yoga classes, catered dinners and more. The variety of companies that do this is never ending and we encourage you to explore all of the options to have a great cannabis experience while visiting the District.

We hope this has cleared up some of the confusion around how to get weed in DC and we hope you have a wonderful time in the nation’s capital!