Pizza and Cannabis in DC

Pizza and Cannabis in DC

Pizza and Cannabis in DC There are few things that enhance a laid-back evening better than being curled up on your couch with a joint and some pizza. For  Cannabis in DC &  curbside weed pickup Online choose us. That being said, visitors and locals alike often find themselves having trouble navigating the difficult legal status of weed in the area, we can help! Here is the Easy Process to Get the Best Services

Weed in Legal in DC?

Weed is legal in DC, but there are some restrictions on obtaining it. Since 2015, adults 21 and over can possess up to two ounces of Cannabis in DC. People can exchange up to one ounce of marijuana as long as no money, goods, or services are involved in the exchange. Lastly, cannabis may only be smoked on private property. For curbside weed pickup Appoint, U need to Get the Services

In adherence to the laws, DC businesses have found an ingenious way to exchange cannabis legally. Businesses have become gifting companies that sell items like clothing, books, artwork, and services like coaching or gardening while offering a gift of cannabis as a marketing incentive. For curbside weed pickup At your Doorstep, we are best For you

With that cleared up, let’s dive into the pizza scene of the nation’s capital.

What is DC-Style Pizza?

A DC-style pizza is much like a New York pizza: thin crust, tasty red sauce, and a cheese blend that’s heavy on mozzarella. What sets DC pizza apart from the rest is the size. In New York, a large pizza is often 16 to 18 inches across. But in DC, a jumbo pizza is 34 inches across. A single slice can feed two people. Although many people will eat a whole one themselves because it’s just that good.

The origin of how Cannabis in DC came to be the home of humungous pizza seems to begin with Pizza Mart, a popular local restaurant for pies of ordinary size. One night, the owner, Mike Chisti, found a large ball of pizza dough and decided to try something new.

He didn’t want to waste it, so he added more flour and water, making a huge pizza with cheese and sauce. He cut the pizza into slices, and customers couldn’t believe what they saw. Because of the positive response, Pizza Mart kept making larger-sized pizzas. Eventually, they made the pizzas bigger and bigger until they ended up at 34 inches across. From there, the popularity spread, making DC home to the mega-sized pies. How to Get CUE Fast Slice DC & How to Get Weed in DC?

Cue Fast Slice DC

Fast Slice is an I-71 gifting shop that is legendary in Washington for its fun pizza-themed artwork and high-quality gifts. We are pizza enthusiasts and have taken the time to outline our favorite picks for pizza in DC.

Ordering a delicious pizza with a gift of ganja is a perfect pairing, and not to mention legally only being able to smoke on private property creates another incentive to go with a delivery service like Fast Slice DC. Next time you order pizza, be sure to hit us up so we can bring you some art and a gift to enhance your experience!

Our Picks for Delivery Pizza You Don’t Want to Miss

Pizza is enormously popular in our nation’s capital. There are many opportunities to try specialty pies because of the variety of pizza market representation in DC.

For example, if you’re looking for a super-thin crust, a Neapolitan pie if the way to go. Pizzeria Paradiso has four locations and this fantastic Naples-style Neapolitan pizza.

If you’re in the market for a Chicago deep-dish pie, Pi Pizzeria is the perfect place for this gooey, delicious pizza. This pie is thick and buttery with red sauce on top.

Another style of pizza that is thick and very different from a New York slice is Detroit pizza. It comes with a blanket of Wisconsin brick cheese and two stripes of very tasty red sauce. It is baked in a pan and easy to make, so Detroit is becoming more popular. Red Light Pizza is a great choice for these pizzas.
&Pizza offers many locations and fast-casual pies that are made quickly with any combination of toppings chosen by the customers. These are a great, easily available delivery choices.

Dine-In Pizza to Die For

Alternatively, if you want to get a buzz and then go out for a pie, there are several options. Comet Ping Pong Pizza features a pizza with jalapeno, pepperoni, and a clam-packed pizza with a fantastic white sauce.

Another option is the Timber Pizza Company which offers some major innovations that many people love. They serve pizza with cured chorizo, beef Bolognese, roasted sweet potatoes, and kale. If you are feeling adventurous with your pizza selections, the work of the inventive chef at this pizza place is the ideal choice.

2 Amys is a legendary pizza restaurant near the National Cathedral. The homey, unpretentious restaurant is a favorite of pizza experts who crave simple but expert Neapolitan pies.

Sonny’s Pizza makes traditional-style pizza that would make your grandma proud. Even better, they serve natural wines and craft beers to complement the pies as well.

An Edgewood restaurant named Motown Square’s Tibs Pizza makes one of the most innovative and delicious pizzas imaginable. The chef is a native Detroiter with Ethiopian roots. He starts with an extra crunchy, square crust topped with Wisconsin brick cheese. On top of that are slices of jalapeno and a spicy red sauce. Then it’s topped with mozzarella and grass-fed beef. Delicious!

While these are all awesome options, please do not operate a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis! There are many ride-share companies that can safely get you to a delicious pizza location.

Call Fast Slice today

The options are limitless for pizza lovers and cannabis enthusiasts in Washington, D.C. If you want to elevate your DC pizza experience, Fast Slice DC can deliver right to your doorstep or can offer a curbside weed pickup appointment. Get verified and register here. If you’re nice to us, we might bring you a Jumbo Slice next time!