Purple Haze: A Legendary Strain with Rich History

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Purple haze, one of the legendary strains in the cannabis world, has captured the hearts of enthusiasts and pop culture fans alike. With its storied history, influence on popular culture, and uplifting effects, Purple Haze continues to stand the test of time. Let’s explore some of the fascinating history of this iconic strain, its effects on users, and its continued impact on Washington DC.

A Storied History

In 1969, a fortunate Santa Cruz surfer planted a seed, unknowingly initiating a historic chain of events that would lead to the creation of a spicy, fruity, and uplifting sativa named Haze. This strain went on to change the course of cannabis history. The surfer and his brother spent years cultivating this phenotype and ended up creating a variety of haze strains including gold, magenta, blue and silver.

Purple Haze is the sativa-dominant strain believed to have descended from the aforementioned and famous Haze strain, and mixed with Purple Thai. This classic strain gained notoriety in the late 1960s and has since become a symbol of cannabis culture. Purple Haze is known for its striking appearance, with dense, deep purple buds covered in a layer of frosty trichomes.

Influence on Popular Culture

Purple Haze’s influence on popular culture can be traced back to the legendary guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, and his 1967 song titled “Purple Haze.” While the song isn’t explicitly about the cannabis strain, it helped to popularize the name and has since become synonymous with the psychedelic era of the ’60s.

Purple Haze has continued to make appearances in music, movies, and television shows, solidifying its status as a cultural icon. Its vibrant colors and uplifting effects have made it a favorite among artists and creatives, contributing to its lasting influence on pop culture.

Effects and User Experience

Purple Haze is known for its energizing and uplifting effects, making it a popular choice for daytime use. Users often report feelings of euphoria, creativity, and focus, accompanied by a gentle body buzz. These effects make Purple Haze an excellent choice for those seeking relief from stress, depression, or fatigue.

Purple Haze in Washington D.C.

Many DC weed delivery companies and cannabis dispensaries choose to carry this storied classic. Demand for popular strains in DC has grown to all-time highs with the legalization of cannabis under Initiative-71 in 2014. Purple Haze is just one of the many you can find in the expansive land scape of cannabis companies in the Washington DC area.


Purple Haze is a legendary cannabis strain with a rich history and lasting impact on both cannabis culture and popular culture. From its association with Jimi Hendrix to its role in Washington D.C.’s unique cannabis landscape, Purple Haze continues to enchant new generations of users with its striking appearance, uplifting effects, and iconic status.

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