Baghead Boys THC Chocolate Bars

15 pcs / 50 mg each | 750 mg
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Get ready for an even more tantalizing journey with Baghead Boys' expanded chocolate bar range! Every bar is meticulously crafted with 15 individual pieces, each loaded with a potent 50 mg of THC. Do the math, and you're looking at a whopping 750 mg of THC in a single bar!

Dive into a broader palette of flavors now. Relish in the memories of camp nights with Campfire S'mores, capturing the essence of graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and rich chocolate. For the traditionalists, the classic Milk Chocolate offers a creamy haven. New additions to this delicious family include the Caramel Crunch, which blends the buttery goodness of caramel with a satisfying crunch, and the Cookies N' Cream, echoing the timeless combo of sweet cream hugged by crunchy cookie bits.

Beyond their delightful taste, Baghead Boys' chocolate bars offer a precise and consistent cannabis experience. Each piece assures you a 50 mg dose, granting you full control over your consumption. Whether it's unwinding after a hectic day or adding a zing to your gathering, Baghead Boys' chocolate bars are the go-to choice. Dive into this expanded range and elevate your cannabis adventure.

Discover the richer, broader range of Baghead Boys chocolate bars today!

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