DC Mota Distillate Disposable (1G)

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DC Mota’s 1g Distillate Cartridges are a must-try for any vape aficionado seeking convenience, discretion, and premium cannabis experience. These sleek, disposable cartridges come ready with their own battery and adopt a low-profile design akin to a JUUL pod, making them an ideal choice for discreet, on-the-go use. Offered in three tantalizing flavors, there's a variety to cater to every preference:

  • Sour Diesel (Sativa): Jump-start your day with this invigorating strain. Known for its tangy, diesel-like flavor, Sour Diesel offers an uplifting and creative experience, perfect for daytime use.
  • Blue Dream (Hybrid): For those in search of balance, Blue Dream combines the best of both worlds. Its flavorful notes of blueberry infused with subtle undertones of spice provide a harmonious blend of soothing and energizing effects.
  • Zkittlez (Indica): When relaxation is your goal, Zkittlez is your answer. This strain charms with its fruity, candy-like aroma, setting the stage for a profound sense of calm and tranquility.

With these carts, not only do you get a high-quality, potent vaping experience, but also the ease of use and discretion to enjoy your session anywhere, anytime.

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