DC Mota Low-Dose Butter Mints

5 mg ea/ 20 pcs | 100 mg total
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DC Mota Low Dose Butter Mints

Discover the subtle and smooth experience with DC Mota’s Low Dose Butter Mints, designed for those who prefer a controlled and manageable cannabis experience. Each mint is precisely dosed with 5 mg of THC, allowing you to tailor your intake to your personal comfort level, whether you’re a microdoser or new to the world of edibles.

With 20 mints per pack, you have the flexibility to adjust your dose as needed, whether you’re looking to enhance your mood, relieve minor aches, or simply unwind. At only $2.50 per serving, these butter mints make daily dosing not just easy but also affordable. Enjoy the creamy, refreshing taste and the gentle, happy high of our Butter Mints - a perfect treat for any time of day.

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