Drippy Mintz Strain (Indica-Hybrid)

[29% THC] Sleepy, Relaxed
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Drippy Mintz (Indica-Hybrid)

Effects: Soothing Indulgence, Minty Tranquility

Drippy Mintz, an indica-dominant hybrid, is the child of Animal Mintz and Ice Cream Cake, a lineage that promises potency and a velvety-smooth high. This strain is like a cozy blanket for your mind, offering deep relaxation and a fast track to dreamland.

With each use, you're enveloped in the serene embrace of sleepiness while your body unwinds into a state of profound relaxation. Drippy Mintz's profile is a minty coolness with a creamy backdrop, reminiscent of a decadent dessert. Perfect for evening use, it's your ally against insomnia and restlessness, ushering in peaceful slumber.

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