Fast Slice Party Pack

Party Essentials: 12x Half-Gram Pre-Rolls + Lighter (6G Total)
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Celebrate good times with Fast Slice's Party Pack, the all-in-one cannabis kit that's ready whenever you are! This pack features 12 expertly packed, half-gram joints crafted from our finest house blend, offering a smooth, consistent smoke from start to finish. Presented in four convenient tubes containing three pre-rolls each, this pack is perfectly portioned for sharing and socializing.Not just joints, but also the fire – our Party Pack comes with a sleek Fast Slice branded lighter, snug in its exclusive cover, ensuring you're equipped to ignite the fun wherever you go. Ideal for both spontaneous adventures and planned get-togethers, the Fast Slice Party Pack is the definitive choice for those who value quality, convenience, and companionship in their cannabis experience.

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