Geeks by Baghead Boys

10 pcs / 50 mg each | 500mg
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Unleash your inner geek with "Geeks," the latest edible innovation from the creative minds at Baghead Boys. Each pack contains 500mg of THC, divided into 10 delightfully potent gummies, each infused with 50mg of THC. These bite-sized treats are not only potent but also playfully coated in a crunchy layer of nerds, combining an exhilarating burst of flavor with a satisfying texture.

Perfect for both the cannabis curious and seasoned enthusiasts, Geeks offers a fun twist on your cannabis experience. Each gummy is crafted to ensure a consistent and controlled dosage, making it easy to find your perfect high. Whether you're looking to enhance your creative pursuits, add a spark to social gatherings, or simply enjoy a unique and flavorful edible, Geeks are your go-to choice.

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