Gelato 33 x Pink Runtz Strain (Hybrid)

[28% THC] Full Body, Heady
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Gelato 33 x Pink Runtz (Hybrid)

Effects: Balanced Harmony, Sweet Elation

Dive into the delectable depths of Gelato 33 x Pink Runtz, a hybrid blend where full-body tranquility meets a cerebral buzz. This aromatic masterpiece weaves sour citrus candy with the softness of creamy vanilla and a touch of earth, creating a sensorial delight.

Each inhale delivers the harmony of sweet vanilla and fruity berries, while the exhale leaves a trail of sour citrus blended with earthy notes, rounded off with a creamy finish. It's a symphony of flavor that lifts the spirit into euphoria and cushions the body into relaxation. Gelato 33 x Pink Runtz is your ticket to a blissful escape, ideal for serene afternoons or enriching social engagements.

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