Gob Shop Live Resin Cartridges (1G)

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Brand: Gob Shop

Gob Shop Live Resin Cartridges

A DC staple renowned for their unmatched flavor from start to finish, Gob Shop's live resin cartridges are a testament to artisanal craftsmanship. Hand-crafted in the heart of DC, each cartridge offers a unique flavor profile:

  • Lemon Berry (Sativa): A zesty citrus burst.
  • Thin Mint x Headband (Hybrid): Minty freshness meets earthy undertones.
  • Slymer (Sativa): Tangy lime with a sour kick.
  • GMO (Indica): Earthy with rich garlic notes.
  • Frosted Sherbert Cookies (Indica): A sweet blend of sherbet and cookie undertones.

Consistently loved and celebrated by locals, Gob Shop cartridges elevate the vaping experience to new heights.

Your purchase of digital art comes with this FREE cartridge gift.

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