Hash Heads by Baghead Boys & K Press: Premium Hash Edibles

10 pcs / 20 mg each | 200mg - Experience the Hash High!
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Introducing Hash Heads, a premium edible experience crafted through a groundbreaking collaboration between Baghead Boys and K Press hash. Each pack delivers a potent 200mg of THC, segmented into 10 pieces with each gummy containing 20mg, perfect for precise dosing. Experience a dual-flavor adventure in every pack, with options including Strawberry & Kiwi or Blueberry & Watermelon, ensuring a taste for every palate.

Hash Heads are renowned for their smooth hash flavor and the clean, robust high they provide. These edibles are designed for connoisseurs seeking a refined cannabis experience, combining the artisanal quality of K Press hash with the innovative edible expertise of Baghead Boys. Whether you're looking to unwind with a reliable and enjoyable high or seeking a consistent dose for therapeutic use, Hash Heads are an excellent choice.

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