Key Lime Cookies 3.5G Weed Crumble (Hybrid)

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Key Lime Cookies Crumble (Sativa)

Effects: Happy, Hungry, Uplifted

Key Lime Cookies Crumble offers a balanced hybrid experience that is as tantalizing to the palate as it is uplifting to the spirit. Created by crossing Animal Cookies with Key Lime Pie, this crumble is a gourmet treat for anyone seeking relief from the day's stress while indulging in a rich, citrus-infused dessert-like flavor. The profile bursts with sweet, citrusy lime and flowery notes, making each session a profoundly enjoyable sensory experience.

The effects of Key Lime Cookies start with an energized lift that fills you with happiness and motivation, making it perfect for tackling any task with a renewed vigor. Alongside the cerebral buzz, a comforting tingly body high sets in, promoting relaxation without heavy sedation, ideal for daytime or evening use. With its high THC levels, this crumble is often chosen for managing conditions like PTSD, chronic stress, pain, and mood swings. The beautifully crafted crumble with its bright neon green nugs and golden-amber trichomes not only looks appealing but also ensures a potent and clean hit every time.

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