Mimosa Gold Strain (Sativa)

[26% THC] Uplifted, Focused
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Mimosa Gold Strain (Sativa)

Effects: Uplifted, Focused

Mimosa Gold is a sativa that elevates the day-to-day experience with its vibrant and focused effects. A hybrid born from crossing Clementine with Purple Punch, it's famously known as "Purple Mimosa" and stands out as a staple in the Tangie family.

Characterized by its ability to induce happy, level-headed effects in small doses, Mimosa Gold is perfect for those times when you need a boost of motivation for everyday tasks. It strikes a fine balance, offering a sense of upliftment that's conducive to focus without being overwhelming. In larger doses, the strain may lead to a more relaxed and sleepy state, showcasing its versatility.

Mimosa Gold's aroma and flavor profile are truly reminiscent of the sparkling brunch beverage, with vibrant notes of fruit and citrus making every puff a delightfully refreshing experience. It's chosen by medical marijuana patients for its efficacy in alleviating symptoms related to depression and stress. Whether you're looking to brighten your morning or need a focused mindset to tackle your to-do list, Mimosa Gold brings a joyful, productive edge to your day.

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