Modified Grapes Strain (Hybrid)

[25% THC] Sleepy, Relaxed
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Modified Grapes (Hybrid)

Effects: Sleepy, Relaxed

Modified Grapes is a hybrid strain, meticulously developed by crossing GMO with Purple Punch, known for inducing profound relaxation and sleepiness. With a THC level of 25%, it's particularly suited for seasoned users seeking potent effects. The strain envelops you in waves of relaxation, easing you into drowsiness while subtly stirring a sense of arousal, making it a multifaceted companion for evening use.

The flavor profile of Modified Grapes is a delightful blend of sweet grape and berry notes, with a hint of honey that pleases the palate, reflecting its rich genetic heritage. This strain is favored in the medical cannabis community for its effectiveness in managing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia, providing a tranquil escape for those in need. The presence of pinene not only enhances the aromatic experience but also contributes to the overall calming effects. Modified Grapes is a testament to the art of cannabis cultivation, offering a taste and experience that's as rich as its lineage.

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