White Widow Strain (Hybrid)

[26% THC] Energetic, Talkative
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White Widow (Hybrid)

Effects: Energetic, Talkative Ambiance

White Widow is an iconic hybrid strain that has adorned the menus of coffee shops and dispensaries alike, gaining international fame for its invigorating effects. A balanced blend offering a burst of energy and a conversational edge, it's the ideal social strain.

This powerhouse hits with a lively rush that awakens the mind and invigorates the body, making it superb for daytime use or evening social events where engagement is key. Its talkative properties make it a go-to for events where conversation and connection are the main courses. With its pungent earthy and woody notes complemented by a subtle hint of spice, White Widow delivers a full-bodied flavor that's as memorable as the experience it provides.

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