Can You Smoke Cannabis in DC’s Art District?

Can You Smoke Weed In DC’s Art District?

Can you smoke cannabis in the art district in D.C.? Washington, D.C. decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis in the city on February 26, 2015. However, the District’s laws and rules regarding marijuana possession are in many respects unique. People cannot smoke in public. They also cannot purchase marijuana at a retail establishment by just walking in, choosing what they want, paying, and leaving.

In D.C., it is illegal to sell cannabis directly to a buyer. Instead, the seller must “gift” the cannabis product to the buyer by selling them a separate item—often a trinket, t-shirt, or piece of art—and including the cannabis in the exchange.

Where Is It Illegal to Consume Cannabis in D.C.?

It’s important to know the laws and rules regarding possessing, transferring, and consuming cannabis in the District.

Possessing marijuana is legal when:

  • You are over the age of 21. If someone under 21 is caught with two ounces or less of cannabis, the cannabis will be seized, but the person will not be arrested.
  • You possess no more than two ounces of the product.
  • You transfer one ounce or less to another person, without payment or exchange of other goods or services.
  • You use drug paraphernalia to consume cannabis such as bongs, pipes, rolling papers, and cigar wrappers with one ounce of or less of marijuana.
  • Cannabis is consumed on private property.

Furthermore, you can cultivate up to six marijuana plants, although no more than three of them may be mature.

You can still be arrested for:

  • Selling any amount of cannabis to another person.
  • Possessing more than two ounces of the product.
  • Operating a vehicle or a boat while under the influence of cannabis.
  • Consuming by smoking, drinking or eating, or possessing any lighted smoking equipment filled with marijuana in any public space, including:
    • any street
    • sidewalk
    • alley
    • park
    • parking garage
    • in a vehicle on any street
    • any place where the public is invited

Cannabis is still illegal on federal land or in federal buildings or garages. Federal officers may arrest someone for possession.

Where Can You Buy Cannabis in D.C.?

For natives, buying cannabis is relatively easy, because they know where to find legally compliant gifting companies. Some are retail storefronts that have products and gifts readily available. Some are pop-up events similar to a farmer’s market or flea market.

However, another option that’s great for locals and tourists alike is a “gifting” delivery service such as FastSliceDC. FastSliceDC is the premier cannabis delivery service in D.C. Not only is the quality great, but we’re reliable and always readily available. You may not know how to get around Washington D.C., but we sure do. We can deliver to a hotel, park, or other location. This makes it much safer to purchase cannabis overall.

In a sense, “gifting” becomes an opportunity to get your product in a safe and secure way that does not put you at risk for robbery or arrest. It sure beats buying it on the street.

Now you have a reliable gifting company like FastSliceDC, but how does the transaction work? Per law in the District, cannabis can’t be sold outright. You must first purchase another item and then receive the cannabis as a gift. At FastSliceDC, we care as much about the art we make as the cannabis we gift. So, you’ll shop the available items that FastSliceDC offers and then receive the cannabis at the same time you receive your other purchase.

Once you’ve looked through the merchandise and selected an item you like, what’s next?

Most companies that offer Initiative 71-compliant gifts will have some kind of verification process. If it is a storefront, there will usually be security to check your I.D. at the door. For curbside and delivery services, they will likely require you to send a picture of a photo I.D. to confirm you’re of age to receive any gifts. Once verified, the buyer sets up the transaction by selecting a product and the amount of cannabis to be provided as a gift.

It’s important to reach out to the service and see what they require before placing an order.

D.C. has approached cannabis decriminalization and management in a distinct way. While the rules and laws for where you can smoke and how you can obtain weed are different and have certain parameters, these regulations actually offer a unique opportunity.

Through cannabis gifting services, you can get cannabis any time and place you want it. The industry is safe and reliable. Gifting delivery services like FastSliceDC make it easy and enjoyable to receive and then consume cannabis in the privacy of your home or hotel room. And when you’ve finished, you’re ready to get out and see one of the world’s great art cities.

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