How to Enjoy D.C.’s Art and Architecture While High

How to Enjoy D.C.’s Art and Architecture While High

How to Enjoy D.C.’s Art and Architecture While High a beautiful day in a beautiful city: Washington, D.C., where you can see some of the country’s finest museums. Many are admission-free and boast a veritable bucket list of famous art. Great art, a world-class city full of people from all walks of life, and incredible vibes. It’s shaping up to be a special day. Maybe one more thing would make it even more special: some cannabis before a day of art viewing.

Purchasing and Consuming Cannabis in DC Before an Art Tour

Your friends want to take an art tour, though they haven’t decided which one yet. People are asking about how and where to get some cannabis to make the art tour even more enjoyable. Your answer should be cannabis “gifting.” You can’t purchase marijuana from a storefront as in other cities like Denver and Seattle. You have to find a delivery service that “gifts” some cannabis along with the purchase of another item, like a gift card, a trinket, or a t-shirt. The price you pay for the service includes both the item and the “gifted” cannabis.

A favorite of many locals in D.C., FastSliceDC is a reliable and fast service with a quality product. However, they also make it very clear that it is illegal to smoke the product in public, including on the street, on sidewalks, in a car, in a park, or on federal land. Doing so can result in arrest.

So, you call FastSliceDC, make the deal, and arrange to have it delivered to your hotel room. While you and your friends are waiting for the gift to arrive, you decide which tours the group wants to go on. The FastSliceDC staff arrives on time, and everyone sits back and enjoys a couple of pre-rolls before leaving for the museums. A great day is about to get better.

Popular Art Tours in D.C.

D.C. guided tours can bring extra context to the artwork you see, and there are a few different options for touring the National Gallery of Art. The NGA offers self-guided audio tours which allow you to experience masterpieces by Monet, van Gogh, Da Vinci, and so many others at your own pace. Private companies also offer in-person tours led by enthusiastic experts at a variety of price points.

The National Museum of Natural History is another popular option because it includes the Hope diamond, Egyptian mummies, a complete T. Rex skeleton, and a live coral reef exhibit with a 45-ton replica of a whale. As with the NGA, both self-guided and independent third-party tours are available.

For aviation enthusiasts, no visit to DC would be complete without a tour of the Smithsonian National Air & Space, and American History Museum. But the hottest ticket in town right now is a tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Opened in 2016 and boasting more than 400,000 items in its permanent collection, it is the largest in the world to be dedicated specifically to African American arts and history.

In Washington, DC, art is alive and well every day. The Walter E. Washington D.C. Convention Center is frequently referred to as the “best-kept secret” in the nation’s capital, a place known for its museums. It holds the biggest non-museum public art collection in the nation as well as the biggest conference center in the whole country.

In D.C. more than 130 works of art are displayed in the Convention Center’s halls, entrances, and stairwells for the enjoyment of guests from all over the world. This varied collection comprises one-of-a-kind sculptures, paintings, and photographs and features the best work by regional and worldwide artists. The historic Shaw neighborhood, one of the city’s oldest African American communities, is highlighted in pieces in the collection that honor the diversity and human connection of the District.

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Washington’s galleries are world-famous and become even more enjoyable when experienced with a gentle buzz. FastSliceDC is ready to make your great day even better with “gift” delivery. Call us at (202) 445-0867 or email for more information about how we can get you set up for a memorable day in our beautiful city.