Vape Tricks: How to Blow Smoke Rings 

ape Tricks: How to Blow Smoke Rings 

Vape pens are an increasingly popular way to consume marijuana. These devices are discreet and easy to carry, and carts come in numerous rich and smooth flavors. These products are great for delivering a quick high, but they are also excellent for entertaining your friends with vape tricks.

Before you begin, it’s important to understand that weed vape pens don’t deliver the same caliber of results that traditional vapes and e-cigarettes do. Traditional vapes use cartridges made with significant levels of vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a cutting agent for the vape juice, but it also creates a thicker and more dense vapor, perfect for intense-looking vape tricks. Marijuana pens do not use the same ingredients, meaning that they tend to produce less vapor.

Although not as good as traditional vapes and e-cigarettes, you can achieve impressive trick results when using a weed pen. One of the most classic tricks, and a good place for beginners to start, is learning how to blow smoke rings. At Fast Slice, we have a fantastic beginner how-to guide to get you started.

How to Blow Smoke Rings

Blowing smoke rings is a timeless classic and an easy vape trick for beginners to master with some practice. Start by taking a pull on your vape, holding the vapor in your throat. Arch your tongue and push it backward. The aim is to press the tip of your tongue into the bottom of your mouth while still holding the vapor in your throat. Form an “O” shape with your mouth and lips, then push vapor out of your mouth. To do this, slightly tense your throat and push your tongue forward.

The size and shape of your smoke rings depend on the size of your mouth and how effectively you can make an “O” shape with your lips.

The Easy Way to Blow Smoke Rings as a Beginner

Are you having trouble creating the perfect round smoke ring? Try this smoke ring hack for beginners. Begin by drawing on your vape and holding the vapor in your throat. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and form an “O” with your lips and mouth. Gently tap your cheek while pushing the vapor out of your mouth, and you’ll get smoke rings.

This method is another easy way to generate smoke rings. However, some people consider this smoke ring hack a form of “cheating.”

How to Add Speed to Your Rings

Now that you have mastered blowing basic smoke rings, it’s time to up your game. You can add speed to your rings, pushing them farther and faster by slightly jutting your jaw forward while pushing the vapor out faster with your tongue.

How to Do Double and Triple Smoke Rings

Faster smoke rings are impressive, but they aren’t as impressive as double and triple smoke rings. This vape trick looks much more complicated, but it is a matter of building on the techniques you’ve already learned to create multiple rings.

Follow the steps you’ve already perfected. Before you push a single ring out, place your finger over your mouth. You want to press and pull down gently on your top lip. Your finger essentially “splits” the opening of your mouth into two portions. Push the vapor out, and you’ll get two rings with one puff. You can produce triple rings the same way. Just use two fingers instead of one, “splitting” your lips into three sections and pushing the vapor out of your mouth. To create triple rings, remember that you may need to open your mouth wider to get the best effect.

Common Mistakes When Blowing Smoke Rings


Are you having trouble forming the perfect weed vape smoke rings? Don’t get frustrated with the process. It takes patience and practice to get the technique right. You may also fall victim to some of the most common mistakes people make when blowing smoke rings, like:

Not enough vapor – Remember, weed pens are not as effective as traditional vape pens for tricks. You may need to inhale more vapor to make visible smoke rings with a weed vape pen.
Consider the environment – Is the environment hurting your chances of creating the perfect smoke ring? Don’t attempt the trick outdoors or in windy conditions. You’ll also want to avoid practicing this trick indoors near fans or in drafty areas.
Improper form – Getting your mouth to create the perfect “O” shape can be challenging. Do not pucker your lips like you are getting ready to kiss your grandmother. Flatten them against your teeth. It can help to practice while looking in a mirror to gauge the size and shape of your mouth when attempting to blow smoke rings.
Poor technique – While the shape of your mouth and lips help give smoke rings their distinctive shape, your tongue pushing out the vapor does all the unseen work. Try pushing the tongue forward as the vapor leaves your mouth, but at the bottom of your mouth and behind your teeth. Using the middle of your tongue to force the vapor out can put a spin on the vapor, letting it keep its shape longer.
Practice makes perfect – If you’ve never attempted to do weed vape tricks before, don’t be too hard on yourself. You may not make the perfect ring on the first try. It may be considered a “beginner’s” trick, but blowing smoke rings takes practice. Keep it up!

Where Can You Get Weed Vape Pens in D.C.?

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