What Do Different Strains of Weed Do?

What Do Different Strains of Weed Do?


What Do Different Strains of Weed Do?

Cannabis is a complex plant. There are hundreds of chemical compounds in cannabis plants called cannabinoids. The compounds bind with receptors in the brain to trigger euphoric and therapeutic effects. Numerous other compounds, such as terpenes, give cannabis plants their unique aroma and flavor profile. Researchers have only scratched the surface of unraveling how these chemical compounds interact with the mind and body. Understanding these plants can also be challenging because each cannabis variety contains these chemical compounds in different concentrations. What does that mean? It means different cannabis strains produce different effects.

What do these different strains of weed do to the mind and body? The answer can help determine which strain of cannabis meets your needs. At Fast Slice, we want to break down what different strains of weed do and how the chemical compounds in different strains produce different effects on the mind and body.

Strains of Weed

Cannabis plants come in two distinct varieties: indica and sativa. Originally, indica plants grew in the harsh and dry regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Hindu Kush Mountain range. Indica plants are distinct from other cannabis varieties because they are typically short and stocky, preferring to grow closer to the ground. They also have broad leaves, tend to grow fast and produce more buds than other cannabis plants. Indica plants tend to contain higher levels of the chemical compound CBD than other cannabis varieties.

CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids in marijuana. Although it does not produce a euphoric “high” sensation, it does promote relaxation and a sense of calm. Some studies indicate CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits that can ease symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. Since indica plants have high concentrations of CBD, they are best consumed in the evening to help a person unwind or relax.

The other predominant variety of cannabis plants is sativa. Sativa is native to hot, dry regions like Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Unlike its cousin, sativa plants tend to grow tall and have long, thin leaves. These plants can take much longer to mature as well. Sativa plants generally contain lower concentrations of CBD and higher levels of THC.

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana. It’s the compound responsible for giving you a “high.” However, there are also indications that THC may also have therapeutic benefits while boosting energy and mental clarity. Consuming sativa plants during the day is best because of their stimulating effects.

However, that’s not where the cannabis story ends. By “breeding” different cannabis plants, growers can generate hybrid cannabis strains. Hybrid plants are created by crossing one cannabis variety with another. The “child” plant has characteristics of both “parent” plants. The appearance, growth cycle, flavor profile, and therapeutic effects of hybrid cannabis plants vary depending on the lineage of the parent plants. Hybrid strains are classified as indica-dominant, sativa- dominant, or balanced, depending on the primary effects of the strain.

Finally, there is a rare type of cannabis plant that rarely gets mentioned in cannabis conversation. It is the ruderalis plant, native to extreme environments in Europe and the Himalayan Mountain range. Since they originate in cold, harsh climates, these plants grow fast and rarely reach a height of more than 12 inches. Why are these plants seldom mentioned in cannabis culture? It’s because ruderalis cannabis plants have very little THC or CBD, meaning they produce almost no therapeutic or recreational effects. However, because of their fast growth cycle, some cultivators have begun breeding the plants with more potent cannabis varieties to create unique and fast-growing hybrid strains.


What are some of the most popular hybrid weed strains in each cannabis category? If you want to experiment with the therapeutic effects of hybrids, try some of these popular strains.

Indica-Dominant Strains 


      • Northern Lights – Northern Lights is an indica-forward hybrid strain popular for its ability to relieve symptoms associated with depression, stress, insomnia, and chronic pain. Being an indica-dominant strain, it is fast-growing and produces purple, crystal-coated buds. Relaxing and pleasantly euphoric, Northern Lights has an earthy and slightly spicy flavor profile.

      • Granddaddy Purple – Granddaddy Purple may be most famous for its complex grape and berry flavor with soft notes of violet. True to its name, the indica-hybrid strain puts off deep purple blooms that get dusted with a soft, white crystal resin. As for its effects, it delivers a mild euphoric high while calming the mind and body. Excellent for decreasing pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, and stress.


    Sativa-Dominant Strains 


        • Jack Herer – Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that produces an energetic high that can help enhance creativity and boost mental clarity. It has notes of pine and spice with a woody undercurrent.

        • Sour Diesel – Sour Diesel is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid known for its pungently sour flavor and strong diesel aroma. It can generate a dreamy high and boost energy levels, making it a good choice for those experiencing depression and stress. Moreover, many say it also helps relieve symptoms of chronic pain.


      Balanced Hybrid Strains 


          • Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a dreamy sativa-forward hybrid that balances relaxation with a euphoric high. Used by some to treat depression, nausea, and chronic pain, Blue Dream has a pleasantly sweet taste, like summer berries.

          • Gelato Gelato, another excellently balanced hybrid, provides a strong calming sensation along with mental clarity. Gelato delivers a sweet, creamy vanilla flavor with fruity notes swirled in. It is a fantastic option for those looking for a balanced cannabis experience or those with chronic pain, fatigue, and insomnia.


        Ruderalis Hybrid Strains 


            • Green Gelato Automatic – Green Gelato Automatic is a hybrid strain with a high THC potency that delivers a powerful sense of euphoria. Additionally, it can also boost creativity and energy levels. Sweet and citrusy, it also has earthy undercurrents.

            • Do-Si-Dos Automatic – Do-Si-Dos give off a pungent aroma but have a sweet and earthy flavor. It is a fast-growing strain that produces green and lavender leaves with sparkling buds.

          Finding Cannabis Strains in D.C.

          What Do Different Strains of Weed Do? Do you need help finding cannabis strains in D.C.? Want more information about how the different strains can impact your mind and body? Fast Slice can help! We have premium cannabis strains and other delectable products for discreet delivery or convenient pickup. We are always happy to help you find the products you crave.