The Best Art In DC To Look At While Enjoying Cannabis in DC

Must-See Works of Art While Enjoying Cannabis in Washington, D.C.

Must-See Works of Art While Enjoying Cannabis in Washington D.C. Could there be a better way to spend the afternoon than having a smoke with friends and then admiring some of the hidden treasures of Washington, D.C.?

FastSliceDC is the premier cannabis delivery service in town. We always have the finest quality and the most discrete service. Washington does not work like other towns such as Denver or Seattle regarding retail cannabis. In other places with decriminalized cannabis markets, you can go to a store, make a purchase, and enjoy your items. However, Washington is very different.

While it is legal to possess, grow, and “gift” small amounts of cannabis and edibles for personal use, it is not legal to sell them. The Washington D.C. method is to “gift” some cannabis as an addendum to the purchase of another item, such as a t-shirt, hat, or artwork. The buyer offers a price, say $100, and the amount of the cannabis gifted is negotiated. This is done in open-air markets or through delivery.

Delivery is the preferred option for 24 million tourists who frequent D.C. because it is the safest and most secure option. Plus, you can have it delivered to your hotel room and immediately enjoy the gift. This delivery method is a perk because you cannot smoke cannabis in public in Washington. However, many prefer finding a reliable delivery service they can trust with their future business. You know what you’re getting, and you do not have to go out and look for it. The order simply comes to you.

Where is it legal to smoke cannabis in Washington, D.C.?

  • A friend’s house
  • Your own house
  • Your hotel
  • A private residence

Possession may be legal, but you will be arrested for smoking in these places:

  • Parks
  • Military property
  • Federal ground (25% of D.C. ground is federal)
  • The street or sidewalk
  • In your car (or someone else’s car)

What are the rules for legally smoking cannabis in D.C.?

  • Must be 21 or over
  • No more than two ounces in possession
  • No smoking in federal or public places
  • Smoke or use your CBD products safely

Must-See Art in D.C.

Once you get hooked up with the pre-rolls, you’ll be ready to see more of Washington D.C. The National Gallery of Art, or NGA, is a great place to start for two reasons. The first is that it contains one of the greatest collections of art in the United States. And the second is that entry is free!

Once there, you’ll find Multiverse, Leo Villareal’s complex light sculpture installed in the tunnel that connects the institution’s two major buildings. An automated people-mover transports you through a complex metal structure lit with 41,000 LED nodes as you travel between the traditional art housed in the West Building to the high modernism found in the East Building.

The West Building features European paintings and sculptures that date as far back as far as the 13th Century as well as seminal American art of the 19th and 20th Centuries. On the ground floor, you can gaze at pieces by essential masters such as Manet, Renoir, and Cézanne, as well as decorative art, prints, and drawings.

Here, you’ll see some of the most famous paintings in the world, such as Claude Monet’s The Japanese Footbridge. The colors are soft and alluring, and Monet has captured the lily pads floating gently on a small stream.

Vincent van Gogh’s Self-Portrait, 1889 was painted during his time at a mental asylum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, and provides a great contrast to Monet’s Japanese Footbridge. Van Gogh felt he could control the thoughts that raced unbidden through his mind with these self-portraits. The St. Remy portrait is a three-quarters view in which the off-angle artist nevertheless locks eyes with the viewer. The background consists of thick brushstrokes of blue that wrap van Gogh’s head like a halo.

The National Gallery of Art exhibits the only Leonardo Da Vinci oil painting on public display the United States, the portrait of Ginevra de Benci. One of the artist’s first oil paintings, completed when he was still in his mid-20s, the portrait depicts the subject’s austere beauty at the time of her wedding. The juniper that encircles her head is a visual pun on her name, Ginevra, as well as a metaphor for female virtue.

The NGA’s Rothko Room features a rotating collection of ten paintings by the great abstract expressionist, selected from the NGA’s collection of more than 1,000 works by the artist. Rothko’s large canvases and luminous colors make for an engrossing art experience, particularly when aided by one of our pre-rolls.

Want more Rothko? The nearby Phillips Collection, located at 1600 21st Street NW, holds the original Rothko room: a small, intimate space containing four paintings by the master, each occupying its own wall. Opened in 1960, the Rothko Room was the first time an American museum gave the artist a dedicated space. Just remember that, unlike the NGA, you’ll need to pay for a ticket to visit the Phillips Collection.

Masterpieces of American Furniture

One of Washington’s most surprising and rewarding art experiences is the Kaufman Collection of Masterpieces of American Furniture, a permanent installation consisting of more than one hundred objects from one of the most important privately assembled collections of early American furniture and decorative arts collections. This celebration of traditional American furniture design can be found on the Ground Floor of the NGA’s West Building.

The experience of wandering into the Furniture Collection after viewing dozens of world-famous paintings and other works that challenge the mind and stimulate the soul is one of the unique pleasures offered by a comprehensive museum such as the NGA. Beautifully carved chairs, exquisite and fragile tea tables, and “chests-on-chests” are as extraordinary today as they were some three centuries ago. The exhibit arranges the furniture more or less as it would have been found in a stately residence of its period, which gives the individual pieces necessary context.

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