Fun Things to do After You Smoke Weed in DC


Fun Things To Do While High In DC

Are you feeling the euphoric effects of your favorite cannabis strain? Instead of sitting on the couch or staring into space, try engaging in some fun things to do while high in Washington, D.C.

D.C. is one of America’s great cities, and it’s filled with unique places to explore – and with the aid of mind-expanding substances that enhance creativity and mental clarity, you can experience it in a whole new dimension. For a day or night packed with adventure and fun, delve into this list of fun things to do when high in Washington, D.C.

Hit Up a Local Music Festival or Concert

Enjoying live music is one of the best ways to have fun when feeling the euphoric effects of cannabis. Many weed strains offer a mind-bending experience, enhancing creativity and mental clarity. Whether you enjoy hip-hop, rock, jazz, pop, or classical, soaking in a concert or music festival can be an enlightening and memorable experience. From national acts to local bands, there are all sorts of musical events are on tap for the remainder of this year into the next.

National Cannabis Festival

Every year, weed enthusiasts descend on Washington, D.C., to attend the National Cannabis Festival. Although this year’s festival has already come and gone, preparations are underway for next year’s thrilling, cannabis-fueled program of live music, art, and demonstrations. You can also explore new trends in weed products. There are also cannabis cultivation celebrations, tasty foods, and educational pavilions. It is a not-to-miss event!

4/20 Events

April is also a busy time for cannabis connoisseurs. 4/20 is synonymous with the marijuana movement. Every April, you can expect to find carefully curated cannabis events all across Washington, D.C., from parties to smaller events. It all leads up to the big finale, the National Cannabis Festival.

Visit the Capitol

Home to the U.S. Congress, the United States Capitol is an enduring symbol of American democracy that dates back to 1793. Although it is a working office, visitors from around the world can tour the building and learn more about the American democratic process. One of the highlights of any trip to Washington, D.C., a visit to the Capitol can become especially moving and memorable when aided by the focus and clarity provided by certain cannabis strains.

The Washington Monument

Another must-see attraction in D.C. is the Washington Monument. Get your buzz on and then tour the 555-foot marble obelisk built to honor our country’s first president, President George Washington. A trip to the top offers unobstructed views stretching miles in every direction.

The Lincoln Memorial

If you still feel the effects of your favorite weed strain, continue your tour of presidential monuments and hit up the Lincoln Memorial. This monument memorializes the nation’s 16th president, President Abraham Lincoln, and his contributions to the country, a new nation, conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

National World War II Memorial

History buffs will want to experience the National World War II Memorial, an outdoor memorial dedicated to honoring the 16 million Americans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during the Second World War.

United States Botanic Garden

Nestled in Washington, D.C., among the many historical monuments and museums is the United States Botanic Garden, an attraction no cannabis-lover should miss. If you enjoy exploring new marijuana strains and savoring each unique plant’s aroma and flavor profile, the United States Botanic Garden is the place for you. Housing nearly 10,00 species of plants as well as rotating exhibits, you will surely find something you’ll enjoy no matter the season.

Great Falls Park

Want to combine history and nature into one exciting experience? Get high and then visit Great Falls. The mighty Potomac River, spectacular natural views, and historical excursions combine into something truly memorable. Learn how the landscape of the Washington, D.C. area helped shape the country while enjoying Mother Nature at its finest.

Visit District Wharf

Where land and sea meet, you’ll find the District Wharf. This unique section of D.C. is a mile-long neighborhood filled with trendy dining spots and local retailers. It also hosts exciting events and activities year-round, so there’s always something new to discover.

Visit U Street

Another trendy neighborhood sits along U Street. Get high and let your tastebuds sing at one of the popular local restaurants or bars. Close your eyes and let the sounds of live music drift into your head. From theaters to monuments and historical attractions, U Street is the place for an immersive Washington, D.C., experience.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

When you’re in a good mood and feel like getting out of the house, playing Frisbee is a great way to enjoy a nice day at the park. This fun game is great for any age and can be more enjoyable if you’ve recently smoked a little weed.

Get Back to Nature

Fun Things To Do While High In DC 2Believe it or not, the Washington, D.C., area is a great place to commune with nature and reconnect with the natural world. Energizing weed strains can help you explore the great outdoors. Consider some of these “best hikes in D.C.”:

  • Theodore Roosevelt Island
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Prince William Forest Park
  • Shenandoah National Park
  • Boulder Bridge Loop in Rock Creek Park
  • Rapids Bridge via White Horse in Rock Creek Park
  • Anacostia Riverwalk Trail
  • West Potomac Park West Shore Trail
  • Great Waterfall Hike in Whiteoak Canyon
  • Little Devils Stairs

Many athletes incorporate marijuana into their workouts to help them recover and enjoy the experience. A similar study among older adults found that marijuana users got more exercise. Some benefits of using cannabis for exercise include an artificial “runner’s high.” Those high on THC can exercise more easily and increase their endurance.

Cannabis may also relieve pain and improve asthma. Getting high can make physical activity more comfortable, but it will not help you become faster or stronger.

Make sure you have snacks and extra water with you. You’ll need them for the hike. While hiking, your mouth will feel dry and you’ll want to make sure you eat as much as possible. The best snacks are granola bars and candy, which will keep you feeling energetic and focused. Water is essential for staying hydrated.

So make sure you have a bottle of extra water with you. Find a friend, go out there, and have some fun.

Visit National Museums and Art Galleries

No matter your tastes or personal preferences, there is a museum, art gallery, or performing arts center that is perfect for you. For a more cerebral experience, consume an energizing cannabis strain and let your creativity flow at any of the District’s numerous cultural sites. Some of the best museums and galleries in the area include:

Once you’ve been museum’ed out, consider these alternate options:

Getting Weed in D.C.

You can find several locations in DC to smoke weed, including smoke shops and pop-ups. If you’re looking for a reliable marijuana delivery company to smoke weed, consider Fast Slice DC. Our menu is solid, and we offer a wide variety of marijuana strains. We also have great customer service and hours, so you can smoke weed you need when you need it most.

The most important thing is that there are plenty of things to do after you smoke weed in DC. Try out some fun activities to get the most out of your high.

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