How To Do Vape Tricks

How to Do Vape Tricks


Vape tricks are conversation starters and fun party novelties that can entertain you and your friends. Practicing vape tricks can be an enjoyable experience when you have the right products. Although vape tricks are more challenging to accomplish with weed pens versus traditional vape pens, there are still plenty of tricks you can learn to keep you and your friends amused.

How do you do vape tricks? Here’s a guide to some of the most popular tricks around.  

Ghost Inhale or the Snap Inhale

The ghost inhale is an excellent vape trick for beginners. To pull off a ghost, inhale, take a deep hit, and hold it. Push out a small, round puff of vapor. Almost as soon as the puff exits your mouth, inhale quickly, pulling the puff back in. It can take some practice to get the shape of the puff right, but the ghost inhale is a simple trick that takes no time at all to perfect.

Smoke Rings

Smoke rings are a classic. Although they look complicated to make, blowing smoke rings simply takes practice. First, take a vape hit and hold the vapor in your throat. Close your mouth and press the tip of your tongue into the bottom of your mouth, creating an arch. Open your mouth and form your lips into an “O.” Tense your throat and push your tongue forward as you puff a small amount of vapor out of your mouth. The size of your smoke rings depends on the size and shape of your mouth. It can be tricky getting your tongue in the proper position. Spend time practicing your mouth shape, and you’ll find that blowing smoke rings gets easier.


Have you perfected the smoke ring? Then, you may be ready to master the technique of creating triangles. Making vape triangles involves manipulating smoke rings with your hands. First, start by creating a traditional smoke ring. As soon as the ring leaves your mouth, gently tap on one section of the ring with your hand to transform the ring into a triangle. Perfecting triangles takes practice. Aggressive manipulation of the ring dissipates the vapor while not applying enough force to the ring, creating a smoke ring blob.

Dragon Breath

Dragon breath, or “the dragon,” is another simple vape trick that is easy to perform with a cannabis vape pen. The trick aims to blow vapor that resembles a smoldering dragon’s breath. Start by inhaling deeply from your vape. Hold the vapor in your mouth while breathing out through your nose and the corners of your mouth simultaneously. Try to keep your mouth closed, only allowing whisps of vape to escape the corners of your mouth.

The Tornado

“The Tornado” is a vape trick that will impress your friends as clouds of vapor spin and swirl in a mesmerizing dance. The tornado is a more advanced vape trick and requires a prop, ideally, an empty toilet roll tube or other hollow, tube-like object.

To create a vape tornado, take a hit from your vape pen. Hold it in your mouth. Gently blow the vapor into the tube and onto a flat surface. Pull the tube upwards while you swirl the tube. As you lift the tube while swirling it gently, you’ll start to see the vape spin and undulate, mimicking the look of a tornado.

French Inhale

man smoking from a weed vape cart while he is showing others around him how to do vape tricksThe French Inhale is also sometimes known as the Irish Waterfall. It is another great trick for beginners and those new to vaping tricks. You can accomplish a French Inhale by sucking vapor into your mouth and holding it there. Move your bottom jaw forward while slowly pushing your tongue to the top of your mouth. Push the vapor up, and you move your tongue and breathe in through your nose. The vapor should go up your nose from your mouth, creating the illusion of a waterfall.

The Bane

The Bane is a step above a French Inhale. Perfect the French Inhale, and you’ll master The Bane quickly. The Bane takes its name from a Batman villain. The whisps of vapor you exhale come out, resembling the mask Bane wears when terrorizing Gotham City.

The trick is to take a deep hit from your vape pen and hold the vapor in your mouth. You need a solid hit to make the vapor as dense and thick as possible. Like the French Inhale, jut your lower jaw forward and bring your tongue up, lifting the vapor with it. Breathe through your nose, lift your jaw, and allow the vapor to pass through the gaps in your teeth to generate The Bane effect.


This trick is another weed vape trick that requires props and is especially fun to try in the summer months when bubble solution is cheap and easy to find. Grab bubble solutions and take a deep inhale. As you exhale, releasing vapor, blow the vapor through the bubble wand and into the forming bubble. You now have a magical bubble filled with weed vapor.

The Waterfall

Another vapor trick involving props is the Waterfall. Grap your cannabis vape pen and a bottle with ice in the bottom of it. Take a hit from your vape pen and exhale the vapor into the bottle near the ice. Tip the bottle and pour the vapor out, creating a gentle, cascading waterfall effect. Lowering the temperature of the weed vapor gives it an almost “watery” and flowing appearance.  

Although many of these tricks are slightly more challenging to accomplish with a weed pen, they are arguably much more fun to practice with cannabis carts! At Fast Slice, we carry numerous cannabis vape cartridges in many styles and flavors and can help you find the perfect product to meet your needs.

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