Vape Tricks: How To French Inhale

Vape Trick: How to French Inhale 

Are you looking for a smooth and flavorful cannabis experience? Many people are turning to weed vape pens to get their cannabis fix. For some, vape pens offer a more mellow inhaling experience than smoking flower. Plus, vape cartridges come in a variety of lip-smacking flavors. Another benefit to the weed vape pen is that you can impress your friends with unique tricks like the French Inhale.

First things first. It’s essential to understand that weed vape pens are different from traditional vape pens and sometimes don’t deliver the same caliber of results when it comes to vape tricks. Traditional vapes use cartridges made with high levels of vegetable glycerin. While vegetable glycerin is supposed to cut the vape juice, a side effect is that it also creates thicker and denser vapor. Weed vapes don’t use high concentrations of vegetable glycerin, meaning weed vapor isn’t as thick or visible. That doesn’t mean that tricks with weed pens aren’t fun, but results can vary.

You’ve come to the right place to try vape tricks and see how they turn out. At Fast Slice, we have your guide to the French Inhale, a simple and impressive vape trick that will leave you and your friends wanting more.  

What Is a French Inhale?

What is the French Inhale? We aren’t talking about the Wiz Khalifa song. We’re talking about the vape trick. The French Inhale is a vape technique, sometimes called the Irish Waterfall, where a dense vape cloud exits your mouth and rises into your nose in one smooth and fluid-looking motion.  

How to Do a French Inhale 

The French Inhale can look smooth and impressively difficult. However, it is relatively simple to learn how to accomplish. This step-by-step guide can help you learn how to do the French Inhale and perfect your technique. 


      • Draw deep on your vape pen.

      • Let the vapor gather in your mouth for a couple of seconds. This technique lets the vapor merge and create a denser cloud. 

      • Holding the vapor in your mouth, push your tongue towards the back of your mouth. Your tongue should help prevent the vapor from going down into your throat. 

      • Slowly open your mouth and begin to inhale through your nose. Since the vapor can’t go down your throat because your tongue is blocking it, it can escape your mouth and travel into your nose as you inhale. You can gently exhale to help push the smoke out and inhale through your nose, pulling the vapor up. 

    Finding the right balance between exhaling from the mouth and gently inhaling through the nose can take practice. Attempting to French Inhale for the first time can cause coughing and sneezing. However, you can get a feel for it and create the perfect French Inhale with patience. Sometimes, watching yourself practice in the mirror can help you get the basic technique down before performing the trick for friends. 

    Other Common Vape Tricks 

    a man performing smoke rings vape trick

    In no time, you’ll find yourself mastering the French Inhale and craving more weed pen vape tricks. Thankfully, there are numerous other tricks you can try. With a bit of time and patience, you’ll be successfully recreating other vape tricks like: 

    Smoke Rings 


        • Hit your vape and hold the vapor in your throat.

        • Push your tongue back, making an arch as you press the tip of it into the bottom of your mouth.

        • Open your mouth and purse your lips into an “O.” Tighten your throat and force your tongue forward as you release a small puff of vapor out of your mouth. 

        • The size and shape of your mouth and the “O” you make with your lips determine the size and shape of your smoke rings. 

      Ghost Inhale


          • Take a deep draw from your vape pen. 

          • Hold the weed vapors in your mouth, allowing them to come together for a few seconds. 

          • Gently push the vapor out of your mouth and open your mouth in a round shape as you exhale the vapor. 

          • As soon as you see the vapor coming from your mouth, immediately inhale again. The quick inhalation brings the vapor cloud back into your mouth, creating the ghost inhalation. 

        Dragon Breath 


            • Inhale from your vape pen deeply. 

            • Hold the vapor in your mouth. 

            • Breathe out through your nose and mouth at the same time while slightly opening the sides of your mouth. As you exhale through your nose and mouth, vapor can pour out your nose and the corners of your mouth, just like a dragon. 

          The Bane 


              • Follow the same steps outlined above for the French Inhale.

              • When it is time to release the vapor, push your lower jaw forward and lift your tongue. As you lift your tongue, you also lift the vapor. 

              • Breathe through your nose, tilt your jaw up, and push the vapor through the gaps in your teeth. 

              • As you inhale through your nose, the vapor rises in threads that look like the iconic Batman villain’s mask. 

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