Vape Tricks: How to Ghost Inhale

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Vape pens are an easy and effective way to get your weed fix. However, they are also great tools to perform vape tricks. Vape tricks are excellent icebreakers and conversation starters. They can also provide you and your friends with endless entertainment. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to perform vape tricks with weed pens.

Traditional vapes and e-cigarettes use cartridges with high levels of vegetable glycerin. In traditional vapes, vegetable glycerin is a cutting agent for vape juice. The glycerin helps to generate thick and dense vapor, perfect for highly visible vape tricks. Weed vape pens do not utilize the same ingredients and produce lesser amounts of vapor. However, with practice, you can still produce mesmerizing vape tricks with a weed pen. Also, let’s face it. Doing vape tricks with a weed pen is much more fun.

One of the best vape tricks for beginners is called Ghost Inhaling. What must you know to perfect this trick and entertain your friends? At Fast Slice, we’ve got your complete guide to Ghost Inhaling.

Best Types of Weed Vape Pens for Ghost Inhaling Tricks

The best weed vape pens for Ghost Inhaling tricks are the ones you are most comfortable using. Numerous weed vape pens are on the market today, each with unique features and price points. You can use almost any weed vape pen you want to do tricks. Just keep in mind that most weed pens do not generate the same level of dense vapor that more traditional vapes and e-cigarettes can generate.

Cannabis vapes function via several different heating methods. Some use conduction heating, while others use convection heating. Some vape pens on the market use a hybrid of conduction/convection heating elements. Cannabis vape pens work by inserting a flower oil cartridge into the vape pen chamber. Pressing a button activates the atomizer, heating the product to produce vapor you can inhale. Pens with conduction heating rely on direct physical contact with a hot surface to produce vapor. Convection pens heat the air, which then creates weed vapor.

Conduction vapes typically produce thicker clouds of vapor because the pen more easily increases and maintains temperatures. These weed vape pens are an excellent choice if you want to practice Ghost Inhaling and other vape tricks. However, it’s all about personal preference.

The Technique

The Ghost Inhale is an excellent trick for beginners. Learning the technique is straightforward. Perfecting the technique takes patience and practice. To get started, have your weed pen and favorite cartridge ready, then follow these steps:

  • Start by taking a deep draw for your weed pen
  • Hold the vapors from the pen in your mouth, not your throat or lungs
  • Push the vapor out of your mouth, creating a round shape as you exhale
  • Just as the vapor escapes your mouth, quickly inhale, bringing the cloud of vapor back into your mouth

The steps are simple. However, it can take practice shaping your mouth and using your tongue to get a round puff or cloud of vapor to escape your mouth.

How Long Do You Hold the Vapor in Your Mouth?

In addition to shaping your mouth, knowing how long to hold the vapor before exhaling is vital to creating the perfect Ghost Inhale. Ideally, you want to hold the weed vapor in your mouth for at least two to three seconds. This time frame gives the vapor time to shape into a dense ball. The round, ball puff of vapor is the signature of a good Ghost Inhale.

Before you exhale, keep your mouth in a tight “O” shape. This position also allows the vapor to form a ball. The tighter the O, the denser your vape cloud. You can use your tongue to gently push the puff of vapor out of your mouth, helping it keep its shape instead of exhaling it into a fluffy vapor cloud.

How Much Force Should You Use When Exhaling the Vapor?

Maintaining the shape of your vapor ball means exhaling with the correct amount of force. Pushing the cloud out softly with your tongue helps keep it close to your face, making it easier to inhale quickly into your mouth. Using too much force pushes the vapor ball further away from your face. Opt for a softer push as you experiment with Ghost Inhaling, and gradually increase the force if needed.

Inhaling Again

After letting the round ball of vapor escape your mouth, you need to inhale, quickly bringing the cloud back into your mouth. You want to avoid forming an “O” shape with your mouth this time. Keep your lips parted, holding them outward, then quickly inhale and bring the vapor into your mouth. You can practice inhaling quickly and more slowly, allowing you to control the “ghost capture.”

How Do You Prevent Coughing When Performing the Ghost Inhale Trick?

Attempting vape tricks means rethinking how you vape. Many tricks require you to hold the cannabis vapor in a specific portion of your mouth or throat and not inhale it into your lungs. When you begin practicing the Ghost Inhale, it’s easy to gulp, choke, or cough on the vapor because you are altering the way you’d normally vape. It takes practice to control how you inhale the vapor, how deeply you inhale it, and where you hold it to perform a trick.

When performing the Ghost Inhale, it may help to breathe through your nose. Breathing through your nose while you hold the vapor in your mouth helps prevent coughing and sputtering.

How Is a Ghost Inhale Different than a French Inhale?

a man coughing from a ghost inhale vape trick that he was performingThe Ghost Inhale and the French Inhale are both fantastic beginner tricks for weed vape users. However, the Ghost Inhale focuses on inhaling, exhaling, and inhaling again through the mouth. The French Inhale involves specific facial movements while inhaling through the mouth, exhaling through the mouth, and then inhaling again through the nose.

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